The Happy Chef Program is a unique and customized workshop in partnership with the International Associate for Human Values (IAHV), which creates frameworks and tools for chefs and employees in the food service industry to manage the mental and behavioral tendencies that feed stress, resulting in greater health, happiness and productivity.

High-Level Objectives
  • Improve performance under stress
  • Build resilience and rejuvenation. Increase physical and mental agility.
  • Expand capacity/productivity
  • Inspire individuals and teams. Take personal ownership
Target Audience
  • In training food service professionals from culinary educational Institutions
  • Chefs and staff restaurant
  • Food symposiums and conferences

Value to the Business
  • Instilling core skills to mange stress
  • Increased employee performance, engagement and motivation
  • Reduced voluntary attrition
  • Positive impact on revenue/sales and future growth of business