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Cooking and eating are an integral part of any lifestyle. How we connect with our food, however, has a direct impact on our energy levels, how we feel and respond to anyone, in any given situation. We are after all what we eat. Learn to center your mind and find inner peace through ancient yoga practices. Your instructor will teach you simple yoga poses and Pranayama, a special breathing technique, to ease you into the relaxed state of mediation. The practice reduces stress, increases energy, and brings mental clarity. The classes are taught by teachers trained by The Art Of Living Foundation, a non profit organization in consultative status with the United Nations. For courses and upcoming events visit Art Of Living The Mind and Meditation seminar is an internationally acclaimed seminar taught by Art of Living Foundation. It is based on innovative breathing techniques that can reduce stress and heighten mental clarity and awareness. These simple techniques can bring clarity and sharpness of mind, increase efficiency at work and study, improve personal relationships, and enhance the overall quality of life