- Yoga Pops -

Made by meditators, our snacks and mixes are inspired by Ayurveda and positive vibes. Only ingredients with functional benefits are used. Zero preservatives. Free of allergens this superlative good for you snack is high in taste, texture and flavor.

Food is best savored, even when we're snacking. Life is busy, but savoring moments can reset and recharge us especially when our choices are tailored to us personally. At Route to India, we believe snacking can be intentional, like meditation. When the mind is calm and peaceful, the body feels good eating delicious wholesome yet light and nourishing snacks. Here's to munching mindfully and nourishing your inner yogi!

About Yoga Pops 


YOGA POPS® is a delicious, light, crunchy better-for-you snack made from Asian water lily seeds. These ancient super seeds are hand-roasted, spiced and packaged in small artisanal batches locally in Minnesota and Atlanta.

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