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You are invited to savor a delectable Ayurvedic cuisine menu The food is personalized to suit your unique Ayurvedic mind & body personality type, which means that the vital energies of the foods will enhance your prana recharging your mind, body and soul. So if your body is more firey (youre Type A perfectionist), youll eat dishes that calm you down or if youre more earthy, well make foods that perk you up! 

Ayurveda Culinary Retreat in Boone, NC 
Online and On Campus
This 3 day weekend retreat, celebrating nature, begins with yoga and pranayama, followed by a tour of retreat center and cooking sessions each day. 
During this program, we will explore the different doshas and how best to nourish them throughout each season. There will also be plenty down time to take an ayurveda massage at one of  the best Ayurveda Spas in the country,  Shanakara Spa, take nature walks or just behold the beauty of the Blue ridge mountains. 
• Learn to cook delicious meals with fresh, seasonal ingredients
• Deepen your understanding of your dosha
• Reconnect with yourself and your body’s unique dietary needs

SKY Breathing and Meditation program
All  our service offerings are based on our core belief that life is a celebration! 
Our daily practice of yoga, mediation and breathing based on the Art Of Living Foundation is how we make this a reality, both for ourselves and  the positive vibes we bring to all our work. So we encourage you to join us in this practice. Take the upcoming SKY Breathing Program with Nalin

Corporate Team Building cooking classes & Private cooking classes
As team members, colleagues and friends learn about essential Indian culinary techniques, spices and new recipes, they also strengthen bonds and relationships in a fun, informal environment. Cooking together has been the most natural and effective way to build community and relationships. We have hosted wonderful team building events  with companies such as  Bain & Co, Wall Street Journal, Ernst and Young, Genentech, Solarcity to name a few.

We also host cooking class events for bridal showers, bachelorette, birthdays and holiday parties. Everyone gets to participate, mingle, cook, connect and eat together.

It was more than a cooking class - it was a night of wonderful entertainment! Nalini also discussed other traditional Indian topics like meditation and told a few Indian jokes. This was a cultural, hands on experience that I'd definitely do again.


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