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Our promise

Yoga Pops are nutritionally beneficial, socially conscious, and environmentally sustainable food inspired by Ayurveda .

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So, what is Ayurveda anyway?

Ayurveda is an ancient system of health and wellness developed in India whose philosophy doesn’t separate us from our environment, it celebrates and recognizes the importance of the earth's cycles, the seasons, and the time of day.

Health, in Ayurvedic terms, is a state in which your thoughts, emotions, and body are in a state of thriving harmony with each other and with your environment.


Take Ayurveda

Cooking Lessons

At Route To India, cooking classes are all about bringing wholesome, simple celebrations through seasonal, vegetarian cooking.


Learn Your Dosha

Your Dosha is your mind-body type and will inform you of who you are, the best foods for you, your ideal self-care, how you are in business, relationships and the world!

Meet nalini 

Nalini started teaching Ayurvedic cooking 18 years ago. She views food and the cooking process as a means to nurturing the soul - an experience for the mind, body, and soul.

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